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Tour with Salem
For a different kind of Negev tour. The Negev is closer than you think. It's only 40 minutes from Tel Aviv. The Negev is actually in the center of the country – look at a map of Israel and there is the city of Rahat at the mid point.
Rahat is also the center of Bedouin life in the Negev; villages, tribes, family settlements, agriculture, livestock, and a traditional lifestyle such as it always was.
Mati and Roni's Guestent and Hostel
Guest house/ Guest tent/ Guest home, or in other words – Mati and Roni’s house in the desert city, Mizpe Ramon. The house is located in the center of Mizpe Ramon, near the road to Eilat, on the cliff, up the crater and in front of a genesis view.
The tent invites travelers from all over the world to enjoy a special desert home hospitality in the cold negev nights. In the tent you can find mattresses, clean sheets, warm blanket and pillows for the price of 80 NIS (the cheapest price in the erea).
Estee’s pottery studio
In a small village in the Sodom valley just south of the Dead Sea, in the south of Israel, ceramics artist Estee Barak has been living and creating for over 30 years. Estee invites visitors to visit her gallery, where she exhibits her desert-inspired artwork and hosts both professional and leisure workshops.
Cycle - INN 
As evident from its name, the Cycle-inn is established by bicycle enthusiastic and is located in a heaven of bicycle routes ranging from amateur to professional levels. The Cycle-inn invites groups of riders from all over the world to enjoy the wonderful range of riding possibilities in the area.
On the shadow of the ancient old acacia tree which seems like growing through the desert heart, lays our Desert hospitality house made of Mud, palms trees and recycled matters decorated and desert carpets.
In the landscape of the serene desert frontier, at the foot of Mount Amasa, and on the edge of the Arad Valley, the picturesque village of Drejat can be found.
Theirs is a captivating story of human perseverance.

n Ora’s Yard
An original Yemenite meal in a beautiful orchard.
The visit includes a tour of its 120 trees, of 80 different kinds, some of them quite rare and exotic; and authentic Yemenite cuisine from Ora’s kitchen.
Ora was born in Yemen and is married to Polish-born Reuven.
Guide Horizon

Leave your rushed routine behind and spend hours in our magical spa
where both your body and soul will be pampered
At the Spa: heated swimming pool, dry sauna and Jacuzzi
Lovely garden spots for rest and refreshment


Tzeela Dairy 
 Tzeela Dairy is 25 minutes from Beer Sheva and 35 minutes from Ashkelon
and a pleasant hour's drive from Tel Aviv.
It is on the border between the desert sands to the south and the greener hues of the Northern Negev.
The farm is near Ein HaBesor (literally the Spring of the Besor) and Wadi HaBesor.


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