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For reservations or more information call Natan Galkowicz - 054 6744197 Mides is located at Kibbutz Bror Hail - Shaar Hanegev We will be delighted to serve you website
In Ora’s Yard
An original Yemenite meal in a beautiful orchard.
The visit includes a tour of its 120 trees, of 80 different kinds, some of them quite rare and exotic; and authentic Yemenite cuisine from Ora’s kitchen.
Ora was born in Yemen and is married to Polish-born Reuven.
Tzeela Dairy
Tzeela Dairy is 25 minutes from Beer Sheva and 35 minutes from Ashkelon
and a pleasant hour's drive from Tel Aviv.
It is on the border between the desert sands to the south and the greener hues of the Northern Negev.
The farm is near Ein HaBesor (literally the Spring of the Besor) and Wadi HaBesor.


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